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Stroller Strides 1 visit freeFrom $14 per visit with 20 Class Pass- Stroller Strides pass

Stroller Strides is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the environment.

Stroller BarreĀ® 1 visit freeFrom $14 per visit with 20 Class Pass- Stroller Strides pass

Stroller Barre incorporates ballet, pilates, and barre methods with pre and postnatal training. Everything that you love about Stroller Strides- parent/child interaction, cardio and strength training, individualized attention- is present in a Barre class, what changes is the exercises that we are doing.

Stroller Barre Preview Class Free

Free Preview class for Stroller Barre Boot Camp! Thursday, November 12th!

Body Back BOOST 1 visit free

Does your workout need a BOOST? Join us for our newest class offering, drop-in classes of our popular Body Back 8 week program. Classes are for women and offer high-intensity interval workouts that will challenge you and give your fitness level a BOOST!

It is recommended that you be at least 3 months post-partum before taking this class.

Stroller Strides Preview $79No purchase required to enroll

Fit4Baby $20 per classPlans available from $59No purchase required to enroll

Saturday Stroller Strides 1 visit freeFrom $14 per visit with 20 Class Pass- Stroller Strides pass


Body Back Transformation Session $369Purchase required to enroll

Achieve results you never thought possible. Lose body fat and gain strength and endurance. Realize the inner strength you have for motherhood! Body Back is a results based workout program offering high-intensity interval workouts, meal plan, food journal and coaching and support. Are you ready to get your Body Back?

Body Back Holiday Mini Session! $119Purchase required to enroll

Body Back Holiday Mini Session helps you get through the holidays on track!

Fit4Mom Run Club $119Purchase required to enroll

Fit4Baby Session $129Purchase required to enroll


Our Village Playgroup Free

Enjoy fun and playful activities with your child and build a tight community of like minded moms to share advice, tips and most importantly laughter. Playgroup officially meets one day a week after class.

Special Events

Body Back Preview Class Free

This is a preview class of Body Back! Class is FREE for first time participants and $10 for anyone who has done Body Back before- OR FREE if you bring a friend! Our system has no way of recognizing if you bring a friend though, so don't worry, you will be entered as free when you check in at class.

Bring water, a mat or towel and resistance band if you have one- oh and a towel to wipe the sweat! Body Back is a high intensity, interval class for moms only.